Escada Scales New Heights for Felton at Kihikihi

Escada Scales New Heights for Felton at Kihikihi
CAPTION: Waipa Home of Champions CIC3* Forest Gate Trophy Championship leaders Samantha Felton and Ricker Ridge Escada. Photo by Diana Dobson/The Black Balloon

John Nicholson’s cross country course caused plenty of problems for the top riders in the Waipa Home of Champions CIC3* Forest Gate Trophy Championship at the Kihikihi International Horse Trial today.
Just nine of the 16 combinations made it home and those who had filled the top three places going into the cross country were either eliminated or retired.
Samantha Felton (Cambridge) and Ricker Ridge Escada leapt from sixth to the top slot going clear but adding just 15.6 time penalties to her dressage score to sit on 69.2 penalty points.
Andy Daines (Kumeu) and Spring Panorama were clear but also added time to sit on 79.1 in second position, with Bundy Philpott (Cambridge) and Tresca NZPH in third on 79.4 and Chloe Phillips-Harris (Kerikeri) and Cor Jet the biggest movers in the field, coming from last to fourth.
Neither of the top three riders have won the Forest Gate Trophy before for the one day championship, and each was full of praise for Nicholson’s challenging course, saying it was key in helping horses come through the grades so successfully.
Felton described the course as “super big and super technical”.
“There were lots of different questions being asked,” she said.
Riders had to be brave, patient, careful and ready to react.
Her horse Ricker Ridge Escada has previously won the 2* at Kihikihi and was generally a careful showjumper, so she was hopeful of a good day tomorrow in the final discipline.
Daines, who was clear but picked up 26.4 time penalties, said his focus is on making sure his horse is set for bigger and better things overseas.
“I just wanted to go clear,” said the 25-year-old. “It was big and tough out there. I think the course itself challenges you to be patient, but also ride forward.”
Spring Panorama, who he bought in the UK, last year placed fifth in the CIC3* at Kihikihi and has competed in all the nation’s 3* events. Daines is keen to get him offshore again into a 4* event.
Philpott’s Tresca NZPH had his first taste of the “big time” today.
“It was a big step up for him,” she said of the 10-year-old who was bred to showjump. “He is a super horse and very genuine . . . when I get it wrong, he gets it right.”
Overnight leader Sarah Young (Tokoroa) and Leo Degas were eliminated after having trouble at a combination early in the course. The corner fence (number seven) proved problematic for a number of riders, with five combinations having stops there – Young and Danielle Wheeler (Auckland) aboard One Cool Dude were both eliminated, with Donna Edwards-Smith (Te Kauwhata) aboard DSE Mr Hokey Pokey retiring at the fence.
Rio Olympian Clarke Johnstone (Matangi) and Balmoral Sensation have taken the lead in the Trust Waikato CIC2* class and remain on their dressage score of 42.2 penalty points, but if they are still in the front at the end of tomorrow’s showjumping, are ineligible to win the Waiteko Trophy Championship.
A number of combinations have previous results at a higher level taking them out of contention for the national one day title.
“It was actually quite difficult out there,” said Johnstone. “The time was tight and I had to keep going fast all the way round to make the time. I was only just inside.”
He had plenty of praise for his horse, who won the 3* crown at Kihikihi in 2014.
“He was just brilliant. He had a huge year last year and I don’t want to challenge him too much this year. This is the nicest course and the ground is great, so I did want to give him a run.”
Balmoral Sensation has showjumped to grand prix level, so Johnstone says he would be very disappointed not to go clear tomorrow. This is likely to be the end of Sensation’s season, with Johnstone’s sights set on Adelaide 4* in November.
Overnight leader Amanda Pottinger (Havelock North) and Just Kidding were clear but picked up six time faults to sit on 48 penalty points while Brooke Campbell (Albany) and Freddy Dash jumped nine places on the leaderboard to sit in third after coming home clear and inside time to sit on 53.7 penalty points.
Of the 26 starters in the class, just Johnstone and Campbell were clear and inside time, 12 were clear but picked up time faults, two retired and one was eliminated.
Johnstone is also leading the Wade Equine Coaches CIC1* Ferndale Salver Trophy Championship, aboard In Disguise. The combination were clear and inside time to sit on 40.9 penalty points, with Samantha Felton (Cambridge) and Ricker Ridge Sooty GNZ in second on 42.8 and Kate Herdson (Auckland) on Eon and Dannie Lodder (Auckland) on Eye Spy in third equal on 43.5.
The event finishes tomorrow with the showjumping phases across the grades.

Results –

Waipa Home of Champions CIC3* Forest Gate Trophy Championship: Samantha Felton (Cambridge) Ricker Ridge Escada 69.2 penalty points 1, Andy Daines (Kumeu) Spring Panorama 79.1 2, Bundy Philpott (Cambridge) Tresca NZPH 79.4 3, Chloe Phillips-Harris (Kerikeri) Cor Jet 92.1 4, Sarah Dalziell-Clout (Masterton) Benrose Super Star 98.5 5, Ashleigh McKinstry (Owhango) Pioneer Brass Monkey 99.6 6, Abby Lawrence (Te Puke) Song 100.6 7, Samantha Felton (Cambridge) Ricker Ridge Divine Right 104.3 8, Matthew Grayling (Taranaki) Giddyup 110.2 9.

Trust Waikato CIC2* Waiteko Trophy Championship: Clarke Johnstone (Matangi) Balmoral Sensation 42.2 penalty points 1, Amanda Pottinger (Havelock North) Just Kidding 48 2, Brooke Campbell (Albany) Freddy Dash 53.7 3, Donna Edwards-Smith (Te Kauwhata) DSE Cluny 54.9 4, Stephanie Vervoort (Hamilton) X Factor 56.5 5, Abigail Long (Levin) Enzo 58 6, Heelan Tompkins (New Plymouth) Snow Leopard 58.3 7, Kimberley Rear (Hamilton) Delta Legacy 59.7 8, Virginia Thompson (Kaukapakapa) Man of Honour 60.2 9, Nick Brooks (Cambridge) For Fame 69 10.

Wade Equine Coaches CIC1* Ferndale Salver Trophy Championship: Clarke Johnstone (Matangi) In Disguise 40.9 penalty points 1, Samantha Felton (Cambridge) Ricker Ridge Sooty GNZ 42.8 2, Kate Herdson (Auckland) Eon and Dannie Lodder (Auckland) Eye Spy 43.5 = 3, Angela Lloyd (Hunua) Lyrical 43.8 5, Madison Crowe (Hamilton) Lucius GNZ 47.9 6, Cherie Jaques (Otorohanga) Black Gem 49.1 49.1 7, Shannon Galloway (Hamilton) Airthrey Jean Genie 51.1 8, Samantha Felton (Cambridge) Luminous 53.2 9, Gemma Hampson (Albany) Pintado Prima Rosa 53.5 10.

Horselands CIC1*: Megan Finlayson (Kerikeri) Greensleeves 40.2 penalty points 1, Cherie Jacques (Otorohanga) Tobinator 47.6 2, Loran Mathis (Putaruru) Charlton Xplorer 48.7 3, Abby Lawrence (Te Puke) Django 50.1 4, Abbey Thompson (Pukekohe) Rockin It 50.5 5, Holly Morrell (Taupo) Pampero 50.6 6, Elise Power (Auckland) Arctic Cielo 52.2 7, Kelsey Leahy (Cambridge) Showcause 52.4 8, Jessie Fitzjohn (Christchurch) What’s the Buzz 53.2 9, Dayna Fox (Otorohanga) LV Little Chief and Judy Hatfull (Rotorua) Timely 54 =10.

Vosper CNC105 Open A: Anna Mesman (Dairy Flat) Chester FW 30.8 penalty points 1, Anna Nelson (Aria) Cricket 32.5.2, Nick Stackpole (Manukau) Delta Duet 33.8 3, Laura McGregor (Ardmore) Pure Bling 34.8 4, Kaasandra Chee (Tauranga) Presque Noir 36.2 5, Bridget Sullivan (Pukekohe) Judicious 37 6, Bridgette Armstrong (Albany) Mr Wise Guy 37.7 7, Jasmyne Speake (Cambridge) DSE Ratmansky and Paxton Conder (Tirau) Your Royal Highness 38.2 8, Melissa Armit (Cambridge) Barrington 38.8 10.

Vosper CNC105 Open B: Jeffrey Amon (Murupara) JA Take A Shot 20.8 penalty points 1, Paula Henderson (Tauranga) Renegades Night Rider 28.2 2, Eden Doull (Pukekohe) Noble Value 29.4 3, Ingrid Herdson (Auckland) Mr Tambourine Man 30.9 4, Scout Lodder (Auckland) Pioneer Makokomiko 31.5 5, Anne Marie Styles (Papakura) Sharvalley Music 32 6, Alex Anderson (Taupo) Tigerherz 32.2 7, Sarah Bleakley (Whangarei) El Novio 32.5 8, Alex Anderson (Taupo) Danherz 33.2 9, Judy Hatfull (Rotorua) Vanishing Point 33.8 10.


Date Added: Saturday, 8th April 2017