Committee Driven to Put on the Best Event

Committee Driven to Put on the Best Event
The Kihikihi International Horse Trial committee raise their glasses to the 2016 event.

It’s all go as a new committee head into the business end of organising for the 2016 Kihikihi International Horse Trial.
The event – April 8-10 – has attracted some very talented people to help behind the scenes, according to president Georgie Smith, who herself only stepped into the hot seat for the 2015 event.
“It’s gearing up to be another amazing event,” she says.
New to committee are Shannon Galloway (sponsorship), Katherine Davies (publicity), Steph Sole (signage) and Rachel Cave (cross country laning and crowd control) who join the 2015 newbies Sue Smart (prize giving), Mandy Boyce (cross country convenor), and Sharon Cann (yarding).
“Of course the backbone of the committee relies on the knowledge and experience of many wonderful stalwarts,” says Smith.
Included in that line up are Vicki Gibbs (secretary extraordinaire and dressage convenor), Karen Nicholson (known as Superwoman and in charge of catering, cross country dressing, marquee queen and plenty more), Jenny Draper (FEI convenor, international judges, walking rules reference), Christine Hartstone (event secretary), Rosie McWha (dressage announcer and long time committee member), Maria Campbell (treasurer, showjumping judge and another great walking rules reference), Geoff (vice president) and Sue Broughton (showjumping convenors who have been involved since Kihikihi started), Cathy Hanks (friendly front of house during event), Diane Norton (trade village, catering and cross country dressing team), Barbara Cameron (catering and cross country dressing team), Celine Filbee (funding and SJ announcer), Graeme and Noelene Smallwood (cross country laning and parking control) and Judith Williams, who has been sidelined with injury this year and handed the yarding detail over to Sharon Cann.
They have been joined by the 2014 recruits Hamish Wright (show jumping and entertainment), Sarah Broughton (entertainment) and Sheryn Hobbs (sponsor hostess).
“Team work and fun are the order of the day at Kihikihi,” says Smith. “This group emulates that to perfection. Everyone wants the weekend to run faultlessly and they all go that extra mile to make sure it does.”


Date Added: Monday, 21st December 2015