Brit-turned-Aussie Polly Ann Huntington (right) with 3* technical delegate Bing Allen. Photo: Diana Dobson/The Black Balloon

Nicholson – 'A Designer with Vision'

Polly Ann Huntington has high praise for those behind the Kihikihi International Horse Trial.
“This is without a doubt, the best event in the Southern Hemisphere,” she says. “It is beautifully presented, beautifully thought out and asks clear and fair questions of the riders.”
Huntington was at Kihikihi this year as a member of the ground jury and dressage judge for the 3*, as well as assistant technical delegate for the 2*.
“We saw some good riding (on the cross country) . . . a few silly mistakes, but generally good riding.”
It is the third time Huntington has been to Kihikihi.
“It is a very special event, and one I love coming to. John (Nicholson) is always developing and working towards improving. He is the best – he has the most extraordinary vision. He can look at somewhere and come up with a great course . . . he’s always working to make horses see jumps better visually, and ensures the faces of the jumps are always inviting. That back rail is sometimes a long way away, but he makes the horses read the fences clearly and jump well.”
She was very impressed with the quality of horses she saw at Kihikihi.
Perth-based Huntington has had Nicholson to her event, [email protected] It’s the West Australian Young Event Riders event that was developed by Huntington to help improve and develop young riders at 3* level.
“The riders are thrilled to have him there, they love his courses. They come back and saw what a wonderful ride they have had.”
Nicholson designs the 1*, 2* and 3* courses at WAYER as well as mentoring local course designers.


Date Added: Wednesday, 15th April 2015